Despite being a university town, with a constant influx of the ‘brightest’ and ‘most adventurous’ minds in the country, Cambridge has never managed to develop an improv scene equivalent to those in Oxford, Birmingham or Cheltenham. Various people at various times have played freely improvised music in the city, but long-lasting collaborations and organisations have not resulted. Initially providing informal improvisation sessions a couple of times a term, The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society gradually began to give more concerts and also to perform more frequently in private, as a loose group of more or less regular players developed an understanding and engaged in musical experimentation of all kinds. Including in its ranks composers, music students, music therapists, and freak-folk guitarists, and with an open approach to texture (involving the use of group percussion and switching of instruments), CFIS became a loose but close-knit collective. Members of the group, at various times, have been: Joe Scott, Oscar Lomas, David Burgoyne, Ed Sapeira, Mardean Isaac, Joe Clegg, Anna Bull, Jo Davis, Jacken Waters, Lu Mason, Daniel Larwood, Nathan Bettany, David Curington, and David Grundy.

Releases on Woe Betide Records:
WB003: The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society In Hell



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