Drachmae Lucky Strength is one of many names possessed by an anagrammatic, free-improvising, electronic trio whose members are Martin Hackett (synthesizer), Stuart Chalmers (initially, bugbrand oscillators; currently, tapes) and David Grundy (laptop). In the words of Sun Ra:

I have many names
Names of mystery
Names of splendor
Names of shame

Whether Drachmae be a name of mystery, splendor or shame, is of course open to question. Other names of similar ambiguity used in previous performances and gatherings have included: Ramshackle Dutch Gentry, The Crackly Hard Nutmegs & Myrtle and The Chuckrags.

Releases on Woe Betide Records

WB004: Drachmae Lucky Strength


Soundcloud page

Review of Drachmae gig in Cambridge, Feb. 2012
Videos of Performance, 20.04.12: [1] [2] [3]


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